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Normal Pericardial Anatomy - Pericardial Sinuses and Recesses - IV

A and B. The superior aortic recess is indicated by the asterisk and the inferior aortic recesses is indicated by the double asterisks. It is a space between the ascending aorta and superior vena cava. The inferior aortic recess (asterisk) is a space between the aorta and right atrium.  The small arrowheads mark the parietal  pericardium  as it approaches the aorta and reflects downward to become visceral pericardium.  Thus demonstrating that the root of the aorta and its ascending portion are intrapericardial structures.

The histologic features of the parietal (fibrous) pericardium are shown here, and the histologic features of the visceral pericardium (or epicardium) are shown here.

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