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Tricuspid Valve - Valvular Apparatus

RA TV & Papillary Muscle
The valvular apparatus of the tricuspid valve is shown in ths parasagittal view of the right atrium and right ventricle. The interatrial septum shows the fossa ovalis (blue highlight). The opeining of the coronary sinus into the right atrium is also visible.

The right coronary artery (yellow highlight) is present coursing through the atrioventricular groove / sulcus .

Below the AV groove the anterior and posterior leaflets of the tricuspid valve are seen. In this heart there are two papillary muscles supporting these two leaflets. However the number and shape of papillary muslces supporting the tricuspid valve leaflets is variable.

The Right Ventricular Outflow Tract (RVOT) is clearly shown. The crista supraventricularis has been sectioned. The pulmonic valve is seen from its ventricular aspect.
The crista supraventricularis physically separates the tricuspid and pulmonic valves (i.e. the inflow and the outflow of the right ventricle).

A right and cephalad cut shows in detail the relationships between right atrial structures, the tricuspid valve and the aortic root.

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