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Normal Pericardial Anatomy - Pericardiosternal ligaments

Adult pericardium sternopericardial ligaments
This image shows an intact pericardium attached to the diaphragm is shown with the mediastinal pleura covering the lateral surfaces of the pericardial sac. Note the abundant epipericardial adipose tissue in the anterior mediastinum and anterior cardiophrenic angles. The arrowheads flank the borders of the sterno-pericardial ligament.

LCC = Left common carotid artery. SVC = Superior vena cava.

Pediatric pericardium sternopericardial ligaments
Pediatric intact pericardium showing the heart covered by the pericardial sac. There are two longitudinal structures running in a cephalad-to-caudal direction on the mediastinal surface of the pericardial sac. These correspond to the right and left borders of the sternopericardial ligament. The pericardiophrenic ligaments are barely visible on the left and right margins of the pericardial sac.

The right lateral and left lpericardiovertebral ligaments are shown here.

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