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Previous biopsy site

Previous biopsy site panelA. This image illustrates an area of granulation tissue in the endocardium with abundant fibroblasts and some red blood cells on the surface.  The fibrous tissue is still loose.  It represents an area of healing from a recent previous biopsy site (approximately a week old).  (H&E, X100).  B. This area of granulation tissue shows further healing, with somewhat less fibroblasts and distinct maturing denser fibrous tissue than the lesion in A.  Note the mild disarray of myocytes within the scar shown in this field.    This lesion may represent a  healing biopsy site of approximately  2-3 weeks  evolution.  (H&E, X200).  C and D.  These two images show a well healed  previous biopsy site with  endocardial thickening and subjacent scar. The trichrome stain in D  shows a distinct increase of dense fibrous tissue forming the scar.  (C, H&E,  X200,  D, Masson’s trichrome, X200).

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