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Right Ventricle (II)

Right Ventricle Lateral B . This is a view of the inner aspect of the right atrial and ventricular free walls, which have been dissected from the specimen shown in A to demonstrate the inflow apical and outflow regions. The tricuspid valve is separated from the pulmonic valve by a muscular fold, which forms the roof of the crista supraventricularis (CSV). (SMT= Septomarginal Trabecula) (RVTr = Right ventricle, trabecular portion) (RVIT = Rigth Ventricular Inflow Tract) (RVOT = Right Ventricular Outflow Tract)

Note the coarse trabeculations (trabeculae carneae) typical of the right ventricle.

The following page shows an anterior view of the crista supraventricularis



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